A little story of how i did it

2 min readNov 2, 2020

The human experience is defined by a thirst an unquenchable thirst of burning in the belly, a thirst for meaning, what do we mean when we talk about meaning?

We have an autobiographical mind we live by a mythology we see our lives in the context of a symbolic systems of identifications and affiliations and definitions, we are a story and when we talk about meaning we want the story to have a purpose to have a plot to have consummation consecration to overcome odds, to slay dragon to learn from the obstacles that we slay, to come back somebody who can then teach and bestow the knowledge to somebody else, we are hungry for signification, we are starved for offense that we matter sense that it’s for something sense that in the end ashes to ashes dust to dust has some semblance of something behind it this is what we mean by meaning.

The human condition is a bit absurd we are a miracle we are the miracle, divinity in flesh and blood, divinity incarnate and yet in the end we are food for worms we wither away we witness our own withering, this is horrendous this is a death sentence and yet we’re here, we’re alive, what might we do what can we do, what we will move, therein lies the challenge therein lies the search, the search is what anyone would undertake if you were not stuck in the everydayness of his or her own life, to be aware of the possibility of the search is to beyond to someone not to be on to someone, to be in despair, is to be the state of paralyzing anxiety so you know go out there, take the journey go on the search and be a seeker.